Secret Chinese Exotic Plants

Inilah beberapa tanaman eksotis dari negeri China,,
salah satu keunggulan yang sangat mempesona dari negeri China

mari kita masuk..

The flowers of the sacred lotus are symbols of purity and divine birth closely linked with the teachings of the historical Buddha. The plants are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and people have consumed the petals, stamens, leaves, seeds, and roots for thousands of years. Lotus seeds are classified as astringents, which constrict body tissues, and are considered beneficial for the spleen, kidney, and heart. Moreover, the seeds are highly resilient. According to the American Journal of Botany, a 14th-century lotus seed was recovered from an ancient lake bed in China, becoming the oldest germinated seed on record.

The “queen of flowers,” or moutan, is a national treasure in China. It has large pearly petals in shades of red, pink, and purple. The luminous, double-rose flowers have a sublime fragrance. Popular as a backyard plant around the world, the tree peony grows slowly over the first three years and then suddenly flourishes. It can live more than a hundred years.

Quite unlike the wetland-dwelling sacred lotus, the snow lotus is found high in the eastern Himalaya. Despite its remote habitat, however, the cottony white flower is disappearing. The plant is overharvested for use in traditional medicine and also faces pressure from climate change. With funding from National Geographic, Jan Salick and her ethnobotany team compared wild specimens with those in a herbarium collected over the last century. She found the number of species is dwindling and some species are dwarfing due to selection pressure because only the smallest flowers remain unpicked. In addition, warming temperatures are allowing fast-moving weeds to creep up the mountainsides and overtake the slow-growing snow lotus.

From : National Geographics


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